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SELF: The Clothing Company produces brand apparel and accessories with an empowering message with the belief that every individual can become the best version of themselves with a strong support system.

We intend to spread the message of self identity and creative expression through our apparel and accessories.

Our initial brand, BE YOU promotes a simple message reminding oneself to
Be Bold and Be True.

Helping others realize their true self is our mission.
A creed we live by, and a motto we strongly believe in.

Become part of OUR movement by wearing our brand apparel by SELF: The Clothing Company
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Tavarus L. Conley

Executive Vice President of SELF: The Clothing Co.
Tavarus Conley is a Houston, Texas native and Alumnus of Texas Southern University. Mr. Conley's background includes extensive experience in marketing, media development and business management.

Tavarus got his start in entertainment as a personal assistant to athletes, musicians, and CEO's but as a natural leader, creative, and exuberant personality himself, it was only a matter of time before success knocked on his door.

Tavarus was able to help create and facilitate the Michelle Obama "Get Fit" campaign where he traveled to various states and high schools with NBA players to help engage and enlighten youth about the importance of health and arts in school.

He has also worked in entertainment for years as a signed music artist, producer, executive producer, and now creator and powerful innovator in the podcast community with two top charting lifestyle shows geared toward adults.

The Rated MA Podcast and The Rollin 20s Podcast which both challenge the status quo of what it means to be young, gifted, black, and unapologetic in life.

A sought after voice in the LGBTQ community, Tavarus is known for his quick wit and straight forwardness. He is often called to collaborate with brands because of his ability to bring relatability and authenticity to anything he touches.
Tavarus lives by which makes him unique is "If I can't do it, it can't be done."

William B. Martin, III

President & CEO of SELF: The Clothing Co.
Mr. William B. Martin, III is an Executive Board Member of The P3 Life, a learning and leadership company. He has a dynamic story to tell, and connects with audiences as he speaks on life lessons. His greatest passions are speaking to at-risk youth, and people incarcerated at detention camps, group homes and juvenile halls. He focuses his talks on helping people make positive choices and “focus on what they can control”. Raised in the heart of Los Angeles, Mr. Martin has worked in the entertainment industry for many years as a music artist consultant and operations manager for independent record labels.

A large part of his life is currently focused on developing his first written project with his father and sisters. Their book will address difficult family topics like co-parenting after divorce, dating, and dealing with loss of a loved one.

Mr. Martin uses his speaking talents to:
  • Inspire men with words of hope and encouragement
  • Help people find their "path"
  • Gain healing from a broken past

His aim is to provide mentorship when others are ready to reflect, reset, and rebuild in life.

When he is not watching sports, volunteering or traveling with his family, Mr. Martin enjoys quality time with his wife and two teenage sons.
Mr. Martin dedicates his life to honor and celebrate the life and legacy of his late Mother, Dr. Deborah Hardy-Martin by displaying Love and Unity to others while remaining Humble and Grateful to God.

LaNell Lovington-Williams

Executive Advisor of SELF: The Clothing Co.
Visionary of the Be You Global Movement
"For over 25 years, LaNell has been devoted to the work of helping people and organizations become more remarkable and has helped thousands of people to do so. When asked, he says his job "is to help peoples dreams come true". Award winning and internationally recognized, LaNell is committed to helping improve the human condition."

My specialty lies in helping people and organizations use, learn from and overcome challenges that keep them from experiencing [more] greatness. As an internationally recognized business leader and expert in strategy and entrepreneurship, I privately advise leaders of various industries, and help lead one of the world’s leading business development institutions, Athgo.

As a frequently sought expert in personal development, interpersonal relationships and overcoming limiting beliefs, I facilitate workshops, seminars and mastermind groups in-person, and online.

At its core, my work is centered around impact. Through elevating humans by seeing the essence of their greatness, elevating their thought, mentoring and educating, I get to impact people of all walks of life. From families to children & teens, executives, celebrities, professionals, politicians, I get to do the same work across the board: Elevate.

My life story is as bumpy, but inspiring, and has motivated me to live life fully.
My approach to life is rather unconventional, eclectic and unique, but has proven to be one where I live fully and authentically, impacting others by example.

My secret to living so fully is enveloped in an inspired desire to live abundantly with personal truth, loving, grace and gratitude.

I exist to be a sunbeam for the planet. How I do that can be different day to day.
"What makes me me is I'm unapologetically loving. To me, love drives the energy of the world, and my hope is that our movement and message will inspire a deeper sense of self-love amongst humans throughout our world."
Brittiny Robinson
Corporate Secretary of SELF: The Clothing Co.
"Perspective is key to everything in life."
Brittiny Robinson
Corporate Secretary of SELF: The Clothing Co.
"Perspective is key to everything in life."
Lorenzo Zavalla
An entrepreneur and web developer from the Philippines. He studied in the University of the Philippines Los Banos. He is also the founder of Exceed Web Solutions.
Michael Adlaon
Web Developer of Exceed Web Solutions. Currently taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
Steffi Alfad
First name is "Meela Rixsa" but everyone calls her "Steffi". Virtual Assistant of Exceed Web Solutions and a Multimedia Studies student in the University of the Philippines - Open University.
Izzy Torres
Graphic Designer, who can't decide on her hair color and hairstyle. Worked on different branches of the industry. Mainly working on the graphics side of things, but dabbled in Branding and Marketing.
Divine Heath
An artist, a volunteer, a human, and a lover of learning. Worked on several job fields but currently focused on works concerning Multimedia Design, Interior Design, and Performing Arts. Currently working her way to save up for her medical degree.
Timmy Mariano
Content creator for Exceed Web Solutions. With years of experience in digital marketing, she is passionate about social media, marketing and fashion.